Kenzan Needle Straightener and Cleaner 2000-043 (White)

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Kenzan Needle Straightener and Cleaner is made in Niigata, Japan

Product Detail
SKU: 2000-043
Country of manufacture: Niigata, Japan
Material: Brass and stainless
Dimension (L): 3"

Product Description

The Kenzan straightener (also known as a Kenzan repair tool) has a tip shaped like a straw, making it easy to insert into the Kenzan needles and straighten them out, a handy tool for flower arranging (see attached photo). Plus, by unscrewing the tip and attaching it in the opposite direction, you can clear out any debris stuck between the Kenzan needles.

It's a great idea to use the Kenzan straightener before and after practice to keep your Kenzan clean and ready for use.

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