Summer 2022 Ikebana Container

Summer 2022 Ikebana Collection

Summer 2022 Dinnerware

Summer 2022 Dinnerware Collection

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Oribe and Kuro-Oribe

Oribe Collection

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increase of 20% in all product pricing to take effect on June 20th 2022.

Arakawa Pottery photo

Photo from American Craft Show in Baltimore, February 2020

Aspire to enrich your creative experience

A right handmade ceramic piece amplify the look of Ikebana arrangement.

Curtain tableware makes food looks good and taste better.

Even a small decretive pottery piece can fresh up the look of entire room.

Arakawa Pottery is here to assist with your art through our handmade pottery

Nice to meet you,

Thomas and Kathy Arakawa

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