0721-039 - Handmade Ikebana Container - Mini Cylinder (S)

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- A hand made ikebana container (Japanese Flower arrangement vase) made by Kathy Lee
- Authentic, natural, organic glazing
- Deeper earthy clay tone and rich glaze color

Please visit Pottery-In-Action page to view examples by ikebana sensei and artists.

Product Detail
SKU: 0721-039
Artist: Kathy Lee
Material - Clay: Dark Brown Stoneware
Material - Glaze: Crackle
Dimension (L x W x H): 2.5 x 2.5 x 7.5

Hand Made Process
Design: We design each containers with functionality, usability and harmony in mind. The color and tone is kept low-key but interesting and authentic for the reason. We improve the functionality and ease of use of our containers through working with hundreds professionals and artists.

Hand-build: This container is made by Kathy Lee-Arakawa with her hand-building technique. First clay in flatten to a sheet with roller and dry. When clay is half-dry, texture is applied. Each parts of the container is cut with special knife and carefully assembled without making undesirable marks.

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