Handmade Ceramic Dinnerware: Boat Severing Bowl, Shino Glaze - 1224 - 066 made by Thomas Arakawa and Kathy Lee-Arakawa at Arakawa Pottery

Handmade Ceramic Dinnerware: Boat Severing Bowl, Shino Glaze - 1224 - 066

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- A hand made dinnerware made by Thomas Arakawa.
- Authentic, natural, organic glazing
- Deeper earthy clay tone and rich glaze color

Product Detail
SKU: 1224 - 066
Artist: Thomas Arakawa
Material - Clay: Tan Stoneware
Material - Glaze: Shino Glaze
Dimension: L x W x H: 12 x 5 x 4 (in inches)
Weight: 2 Lb

Hand Made Process
Design: We design each containers with functionality, usability and harmony in mind. The color and tone is kept low-key but interesting and authentic for the reason. We improve the functionality and ease of use of our containers through working with hundreds professionals and artists.

Throwing: This container is made on the potter's wheel by Thomas Arakawa individually. Shaping the form is done by just fingers and measure several times to make sure the dimensions are close to desirable size. When the piece is half dry state like leather-hard, surface is decorated by trimming, carving and fluted.

Glazing: Thomas and Kathy apply glaze individually by hand in order to get the authentic, natural, organic aesthetics. Each glaze has unique particular thickness and clay body selection makes variety of tones. We monitor specific gravity of the glaze (ratio between glaze and water) and application method and timing.

Firing: The container is finished with our high-fire reduction firing process which brings the deeper earthy clay tone and rich glaze color. During this 13-hours-long firing process, we reduce the oxygen level inside the kiln in varying degree from 1600F to 2300F. The result of the firing also depend on how kiln are loaded. The density and negative space between the pottery create channel for the flame to travel in various speeds. We use our understanding of the nature/tendency of flame in the kiln to control the atmosphere which each pottery should be in. As a result, our containers holds a low-key but complex deeper tone.

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Arakawa Pottery Handmade Ceramic Dinnerware: Boat Severing Bowl, Shino Glaze - 1224 - 066 Review
I recommend this product
Incredibly beautiful - utilitarian art

I recently broke my favorite mug. It was very sad but, luckily, the original merchant pointed me to the Arakawa Pottery page, where I found an incredible variety of beautiful ceramics. I purchased a little family of Arakawa pieces for my home (which I'll definitely add to later) and I'm really looking forward to using them as serving platters for dinner parties with my friends and family. Each one is gorgeous, unique and personal, skillfully made--and they all have a sturdy feel without being heavy. I'm not afraid to actually use these. Thank you to Thomas and Kathy for this beautiful work. The rest of you reading this, please treat yourself and support them!

Mathew M.
United States United States
Arakawa Pottery

Hi Mr Mauricio, Thank you very much for the good review! We will start working on the mugs! Thank you very much for supporting us for years. Thomas and Kathy Arakawa