Flatware: Hyozaemon: Wooden Salad Spoon 2004-015

Flatware: Hyozaemon: Wooden Salad Spoon 2004-015

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- Hyozaemon: Wooden Salad Spoon is made in Wakasa, Obama city, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

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Country of manufacture: Wakasa, Obama city, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Material: Wood
Dimension (L x W x H): 0 x 0 x 0

Product Description

HYOZAEMON Chopsticks: A Commitment to Quality and Safety

HYOZAEMON takes great pride in providing chopsticks that are not just utensils but an integral part of the dining experience for your family and loved ones. Their commitment begins with the materials they use, ensuring that their chopsticks are dependable and safe.

Natural Wood Selection: At HYOZAEMON, they are meticulous in their choice of materials. Their chopsticks are crafted from a variety of carefully selected natural woods, including ebony, red sandalwood, ash tree wood, hiba wood, cherry wood, kumea, ironwood, maple, manilkara, and even recycled baseball bats. They prioritize using high-quality wood suitable for chopsticks to offer their customers consistently excellent products at stable prices.

Virgin Lacquer™ for Safety: They understand that chopsticks come into direct contact with one's mouth daily, so safety is paramount. That's why HYOZAEMON exclusively employs Virgin Lacquer™, a lacquer that is free from harmful ingredients, for the tips of their chopsticks. Their commitment to safety means that they meticulously apply and reapply Virgin Lacquer™ to ensure that their chopsticks meet the highest standards of safety and security.

With HYOZAEMON chopsticks, individuals can trust that every meal is enhanced not only by the flavor of the food but also by the quality and safety of the utensils they use. HYOZAEMON is dedicated to creating chopsticks that people can rely on every day.

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