Handmade Ikebana Container Cube 4” 1024-034 made by Thomas Arakawa and Kathy Lee-Arakawa at Arakawa Pottery

Handmade Ikebana Container Cube 4” 1024-034

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- A hand made ikebana container (Japanese Flower arrangement vase) made by Kathy Lee Arakawa
- Authentic, natural, organic glazing
- Deeper earthy clay tone and rich glaze color

Please visit Pottery-In-Action page to view examples by ikebana sensei and artists.

Product Detail
SKU: 1024-034
Artist: Kathy Lee Arakawa
Material - Clay: House Mix Stoneware
Material - Glaze: Navy and Flambe
Dimension (L x W x H): 5 x 4.5 x 4

Hand Made Process
Design: We design each containers with functionality, usability and harmony in mind. The color and tone is kept low-key but interesting and authentic for the reason. We improve the functionality and ease of use of our containers through working with hundreds professionals and artists.

Hand-build: This container is made by Kathy Lee-Arakawa with her hand-building technique. First clay in flatten to a sheet with roller and dry. When clay is half-dry, texture is applied. Each parts of the container is cut with special knife and carefully assembled without making undesirable marks.

Glazing: Thomas and Kathy apply glaze individually by hand in order to get the authentic, natural, organic aesthetics. Each glaze has unique particular thickness and clay body selection makes variety of tones. We monitor specific gravity of the glaze (ratio between glaze and water) and application method and timing.

Firing: The container is finished with our high-fire reduction firing process which brings the deeper earthy clay tone and rich glaze color. During this 13-hours-long firing process, we reduce the oxygen level inside the kiln in varying degree from 1600F to 2300F. The result of the firing also depend on how kiln are loaded. The density and negative space between the pottery create channel for the flame to travel in various speeds. We use our understanding of the nature/tendency of flame in the kiln to control the atmosphere which each pottery should be in. As a result, our containers holds a low-key but complex deeper tone.

Water Testing: We test our containers by filling up with water for 24 hrs and check if there is any leak. However, it is hand made product so we cannot say 100%. But we have sold over 2000 containers and just few has water leaks/sweating problems and we replace all containers with leak with new containers. So we are confident that there would not be any issues.

Photo: Kenzan, Scissors and other items other than pottery is not included in purchase item.

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