0721-018 - Handmade Ikebana Container - Mini Up-right Compote

0721-018 - Handmade Ikebana Container - Mini Up-right Compote

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- A hand made ikebana container (Japanese Flower arrangement vase) made by Thomas Arakawa and Kathy Lee
- Authentic, natural, organic glazing
- Deeper earthy clay tone and rich glaze color

Please visit Pottery-In-Action page to view examples by ikebana sensei and artists.

Product Detail
SKU: 0721-018
Artist: Thomas Arakawa and Kathy Lee
Material - Clay: Dark Brown Stoneware
Material - Glaze: Crackle
Dimension (L x W x H): 5 x 5 x 4

Hand Made Process
Design: We design each containers with functionality, usability and harmony in mind. The color and tone is kept low-key but interesting and authentic for the reason. We improve the functionality and ease of use of our containers through working with hundreds professionals and artists.

Throwing and Hand-build: This container is made on the potter's wheel by Thomas Arakawa individually. Shaping the form is done by just fingers and measure several times to make sure the dimensions are close to desirable size. When the piece is half dry state like leather-hard, the piece is hand over to Kathy Lee-Arakawa for hand-building process.

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