Kenzan Round: 3.5" Brass Kenzan with Rubber Ring 2000-003

Kenzan Round: 3.5" Brass Kenzan with Rubber Ring 2000-003

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- 3.5" Brass Kenzan with Rubber Ring is made in Niigata, Japan

Product Detail
SKU: 2000-003
Country of manufacture: Niigata, Japan
Material: Brass and Lead
Dimension (L x W x H): 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.05

Product Description

The Marufuji is a casting manufacturer that specializes in producing kenzan for Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement. They have received high praise for the quality of their kenzan, which are ahead of the industry in terms of being non-discoloring, rust-free, and glossy.

Through streamlining their manufacturing process, they have made it possible to mass-produce mini kenzan and offer a wide variety of low-volume production options. They offer everything related to kenzan, from mass-produced items to custom-made products, catering to the needs of both beginners and experienced flower arrangers. Customers are encouraged to consider choosing Marufuji kenzan for all their Ikebana needs.

About Their Products:

Quality: Marufuji kenzan possess the unique qualities of not discoloring, being rust-free, and having a glossy finish. These attributes ensure that the beauty of the kenzan is preserved over an extended period of use, enhancing the artistry of flower arrangements. The company's commitment to quality is a defining feature of Marufuji kenzan, earning them high praise from many customers.

Manufacturing Streamlining: By optimizing their manufacturing processes, they can mass-produce mini kenzan and accommodate low-volume production of various types. This enables them to provide a wide range of kenzan products that cater to different needs. Whether customers are beginners or experienced artists, Marufuji kenzan offer the right kenzan to support their Ikebana experience.

Diverse Product Lineup: Marufuji kenzan offer a wide range of products, from mass-produced items to custom-made products, ensuring that customers can find the right kenzan to suit their preferences and needs. They also provide customization options, allowing them to create kenzan tailored to customer specifications.

Marufuji kenzan are a top choice for their quality, efficiency, and variety, making them a trusted option for Ikebana enthusiasts and professional floral artists. Customers are encouraged to contact the company and choose the kenzan that best fits their needs.

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